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Self Care Recommendations

Yoga Download- There are lots of online yoga programs available, but this one is my personal favorite. There are thousands of classes available to members of every experience level. You can sort by what you want to accomplish (ex: relieve low back pain, relax before bed, learn to do handstands, etc), the amount of time you have, what type of yoga you prefer, or even how intense you want the class to be. They also have guided meditation videos, barre classes, and music downloads! You can even download your favorite classes to keep forever! You can try 2 weeks for $1. I pay for 3 months at a time because I'm obsessed with this site! I am an affiliate for this site, so I do get a small kick back if you subscribe using the above link, but I truly believe that a large portion of my clients would love this service as much as I do!


Foam Rolling- I have recently started recommending foam rolling to some of my clients to help with their self care routine. When done gently and appropriately, foam rolling can be very helpful in addressing areas of pain and tension. When done improperly or too forcefully, this legal form of torture will make you hate whoever suggested it to you! Using videos on youtube to help guide you in form can be very helpful, but if you still feel like foam rolling is causing more pain than reducing it, please stop! Feel free to reach out with questions.

Video: Foam rolling for anterior pelvic tilt (low back pain)

Video: Foam rolling for knee pain 

Video: Foam rolling for upper back/neck pain

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